Mortgage Calculator in Real Estate WP

Mortgage calculator calculates your mortgage payments using the calculator which calculates all of the cost from there easily. This calculator is very important which gives us the user to ease to calculate the cost from the payment methods and it tells how much the user can afford. User can easily get the estimate of the payment from the calculator and then he can add the extra payment. It has variety of options to manage the settings of your choice. This is the most famous and easy to use

Real Estate WordPress Theme has built in calculator in it which you can show it on your site for the users to estimate there cost and amount from there. Here is the benefit of this theme that it allows you to manage the configuration of the calculator from the theme option panel.

Mortgage Calculator in Real Estate WP

You can select your own custom Mortgage calculator page. Here is the interesting part that you can set your own interest rate , default purchase price , down payment rate.

You can select the down payment as in the percentage format or in the amount. Load terms and amount can be handled from there. You just need to set the default loan amounts.

Insurance feature is already there. Set the estimate cost , monthly PMI cost estimate , tax calculation. Disclaimer note can be written over there where you can explain all the terms and conditions for the property. It also handles the currency format. You just need to put the value of the currency and it will start calculating the pricing in the format you have entered at the back end panel.

If you want to have the email / PDF print format, now Real Estate WordPress theme brings you this feature along with its complete control and setting. Set the email address , Custom email text format , logo there you configure the calculator now.

This calculator can also be used in the widget area. If you want to have in the side bar position the calculator go to the widgets area drop the mortgage calculator in the side bar area the calculator will be there where users can use it easily as they required for estimating there cost.

Small configurations are required in the widget area where you can set the values and the title for the widget. Enjoy this beautiful feature without using third party plugin for your site.


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