Advance Real Estate Search In your Hands

Real Estate WordPress theme presents the advance search system and control to the users hand where the users can easily customize the search according to its requirement. There are multiple search styles and options available in the theme. The First search style can be efficiently be placed on the slider banner that makes the site an elegant look through which you can search for all listings with the given fields easily. For example you can search for all listings that have been listed on the site or you can use the filter option to have the filter result only. You can filter the property types , can limit for the maximum , minimum bed rooms , bathrooms and most importantly you can search according to your budget or the amount you want to go for. Select the range from minimum to maximum amount.

There are also other options that you can search for the rents home only or for sale. Also there are auction properties field available in the theme and there you can also search for those auction properties easily.

Advance Real Estate Search In your Hands

We have a search style for the theme which includes the built in search mechanism in it. By clicking on the search button a pop up window drop downs and shows the options what a user can imagine and what he wants. All the locations entered in the back end by admin or in the properties all are listed at the search system via a clean drop down. You can select the specific property , Search for rent , buy , minimum maximum price control. Advance search system gives users the control to search from the bedrooms , bathrooms , garage rooms available in a property. If you use this filter you get the exact property in the search what you are looking for. Real Estate WordPress has given to its users search by the construction type area. E.g if the user is searching for the category residential , commercial etc. The search also allows to go for the control of the SQFT.

This is not all more over the property options gives you the control to manage the search system from there. You can control the settings , GUI of the search result from there easily.

You can select the search style , search page from there. All the options required for the search page are in the user control.


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