Latest Update 5.0 Real Estate WordPress Theme

Latest update in real estate WordPress theme 5.0 which is a major functionality regarding the theme and its features. KodeForest is providing the best features available in the theme with more control over the search system with new and exciting features.

Now you can control the search fields with on / off button from the property options panel. All fields control is given at back end. Search price control is now made dynamic which means that you can add or remove the price fields also you can control the price mechanism in the search system with your own choice. The high intensively control of search is provided where you can add more price with a button that provides you a new field to enter the range of the price. Search filter mechanism is fully improved and made dynamic. Front End property submission is now made in your hands which allows you to have the full control over the front end submission fields.

5.0 Real Estate WordPress Update

Now you can turn on / off the front end price filters , price space , bed , bathrooms , garage field that appears on the site. If you don’t want the users to select the city of the property then the control option is provided at the back end where you can turn off the fields of the submission from there. This is the full control that is provided to the users for there ease. Map of the property detail page can be turned off easily with a button. Recaptcha control of the submission is provided now.

You can show the property year of construction now e.g when the property was constructed so the buyers are aware how old this property is. These are the most efficient features that are provided with this theme to enhance its functionality. This is the major update of the theme that is purely based on the customer’s suggestions and there feedback because kodeforest always listen to there customers and try to bring the features that are requested on the bases of the customers and there feedback. This is the best ever thing that is done in the market. More over the now the user profile is fully functional now which means that you can view the approved properties and pending properties of your site easily from there at the profile. Also you can change the avatar of the user image.


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